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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas, Don't Be Late

I can't WAIT for Christmas to come! No, not because I know Ryan got me an iPod - that's in my car right now waiting to be opened. It's because I have all of these awesome crafted gifts, and I can't post them until I give them to the recipients!! They are on Flickr, but they are privatized so no one else can see them. It's my little secret ... I am super excited. Of course, those are the ones that I have done. There are a few that ... um ... aren't finished yet. Thankfully I have tonight, tomorrow evening, and then Saturday to work on them. All the ones that I am giving out on Christmas Eve are done ... Mom and Kelsy are done ... anyway, I'm going to end this post before I give too much away. Get ready for the barrage after the holiday!

Also, in between all the family crafting, I have made six scarves to donate to residents at the Good Samaritan Center. I am dropping them off tomorrow evening, and I hope that they can warm up a few people who deserve it.


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