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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tote - Stitches

Mom's Tote Stitches, originally uploaded by marleah.

This is a close up of my first ever satin stitches. And my first backstitches on a non-Aida fabric project. Yay! So far so good, I guess. They aren't perfect, but I'm not going to complain about my first try.

It's on a canvas-type fabric, and I used the "wax-free transfer paper" to get the lines onto the fabric. I had created the image on the computer, using whatever font looked good and then another image - you'll see the image soon, hopefully. :)

Well, the cat likes it ...

Gray on Blanket, originally uploaded by marleah.

This is a shot of Gray enjoying Kelsy's finished blanket. Hopefully Kelsy likes it just as much as the cat.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Toad's House - Side View

Toad's House Side, originally uploaded by marleah.

So I whipped this up really quick on Sunday. I didn't have a pattern, I just went by a plan that I kind of sketched out. It's all single crochet or slip stitches, depending on how close I needed the stitches; all Red Heart Super Saver; done with an I hook. The spots and the door were actually separate pieces that I stitched on, and there is a loop at the top for hanging it. I was very pleased with the actual "mushroomy" look of the cap, how it frills along the edge. I just played with increasing and decreasing wherever I thought it was necessary. I stuffed it with that polyester fiberfil stuff. It's about six inches tall.

This will be for Kelsy for Christmas. :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yarn Storage Container

Yarn Storage 2, originally uploaded by marleah.

Ryan just got this at a campus auction. It'll really come in handy for storing my yarn!

Mitten - Too Small

Mitten - Too Small, originally uploaded by marleah.

My very first non-rectangular or square crochet project! I followed the Lion Brand "Family of Mittens" pattern for this - I used H and I hooks. The mitten measures about six inches long, and I think it will be too small for Cam. I'll probably try the next size up.

Blanket - Shell Border

Blanket - Shell Border, originally uploaded by marleah.

This is a detail shot of the shell border I added around the blanket. I think it adds a lot to it. The whole border is in the New Mint Twinkle yarn instead of the solid color.

Scarf for Cameryn

Scarf - Length, originally uploaded by marleah.

This scarf matches the blanket that I made for Cameryn for Christmas this year. It's done in the same yarn (Red Heart Soft Baby, New Mint Twinkle) as the blanket, and hopefully I will be adding mittens and a hat to the set as well. The scarf only took one evening to do, which was awesome - it's all double crochet, with a K hook.