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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

how's this for frustration?

I'm home all day today (I worked extra hours this week, so I was able to take today off), and Craftster is down. I've only been looking at that site since probably Monday, and I'm hooked. So this is just cruel.

On the other hand - since I was home today, I did have a chance to rearrange a bit in the living room. I cleaned up the laundry room and made that into my crafty area (see, this whole Craftster thing really knows how to take hold of a person). Since we never ever eat at the dining table (it's used to stack stuff on), I moved it into the laundry room for crafts and other stuff. Now we have more seating out in the living room, including a little reading corner. Minor detail - to get the dining table into the laundry room, I had to take the door off of its hinges. I haven't put it back on its hinges yet. That, I guess, will have to wait until Ryan gets home. But wow, am I resourceful!


Anonymous Ryan Augustine said...

You are home for just one day without me and look what you did to our house. You took doors off their hinges and everything. It is a good then I come home to straighten things out.

PS: It does look nice btw. I like when you get into a cleaning mood as long is it doesn't involve me too much:-P

4:54 PM  

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