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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Not a Bingo weekend, finally. Ryan and I have just spent this weekend around the house, which is actually very nice. We watched a bunch of movies. Friday night we watched I Heart Huckabees, which was pretty good. It was very random at times, one reason that I liked it. The dialogue was great, and Mark Wahlberg's character was hilarious. Saturday we watched A Streetcar Named Desire (classic!) and Twisted, a kind of collection of Twilight-Zone-ish episodes from Australia. Then today we watched Gia, which was pretty good. It really sounds like all we do is watch movies ... but we do other stuff. Really. Like, um, right now Ryan is playing a game on his computer. See? We do lots of stuff!

I've also spent some of today working on the reincarnation (I think it's like the fourth one) of my book list. I've tried just a list on notebook paper, Access, a professional database, and finally - index cards. A single book to a card, which includes title, author, and call numbers if I have them. Yes, it's low-tech, and I can't do as many filters and sort options as I can on the computer, but I like the portability and accessibility of it. Ryan knows what I'm talking about.

So anyway. I've also done a little bit of reading this weekend, mainly because this morning I woke up at 3:00, then finally got out of bed around 4:00, and got back to sleep probably about 4:45. So, while I was awake, I read the first few chapters in The DaVinci Code. I know, I can't believe that I haven't read it yet either. I'm actually still reading Noonday Demon, a book about depression, that I've had from the library for a while. I've just had a hard time really getting into it. It's very interesting, and I want to know the author's story, but really I think it just comes down to the fact that a book about depression is, well ... depressing. I'll keep working on it. Which is what I think I will do right ... now.


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