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Thursday, July 27, 2006

sicker than a dog?

So I stayed home sick for the past two days. I'm still a bit off, but I'm at work - wow, I am dedicated! I'm hoping I make it through one more hour ... then I will actually have put in a full day of work this week, and I will really feel like I have accomplished something.

Today I joined the Craftster forum, and everything posted there is inspiring me to create something. The problem is, I always start thinking of creative things I could do, buy/find/cut up all the stuff I would need, and then ... nothing. I don't do anything with it. I have had some materials for scrapbooking stashed at home for months now and haven't done a darn thing with them. I have been working on Kelsy's crocheted blanket for like two years or something now and am only maybe half done. This is sad. I am hoping that since I joined the forum, I will be more motivated to work on things and finish them so that I can then post pictures!! Yay!! We'll see.

Anyway. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our garage sale that we are sharing with a friend and with my mom/sisters. I am excited, because I think we can actually make some money. I still have so many things to price though - including all of the CLOTHES. That is going to be a nightmare. And I have a feeling that tonight when I get home, I will just feel like going to bed instead of going through clothing and pricing it. I have no idea what Ryan is selling at this sale - I've been so preoccupied with just getting rid of crap that I haven't paid any attention. We're going to be having the sale all evening tomorrow and then almost all day on Saturday. Cameryn, my little little sis, is going to sell drinks, and I think she's a bit excited about taking money from people and giving them change. That should go well and hopefully keep her from getting too bored. That's what I say now of course! Stay tuned, and I'll post about the wonderful profits we make!


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