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Friday, July 14, 2006

ready for a funny coincidence?

Today I got my Humane Society of the United States newsletter in my email, and I was informed that Cow Appreciation Day is coming up. Yay! Yeah, I'm serious - those poor guys deserve some appreciation. They go through a lot. So I'm all excited, and I see what day it is: July 18.

That's my birthday.

I do feel somewhat honored to share this date with the cows, because I like cows. They're fun. But, speaking as a person with some body issues, it is a little weird. Oh well. I will still be celebrating that day, like I do every day, with a cow-free plate.


Anonymous Ryan Augustine said...

That is great. The cow is a sacrid animal in idea, so you should feel honored that you were born on the day that also celebrates cows. I wish I was born on the day of the pig. I would love to share my special day with an animal.

4:59 PM  

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