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Monday, July 10, 2006


I've been thinking more lately about running. My current workout consists of at least 30 minutes of walking (quickly! on inclines! not JUST walking!) on the treadmill every weekday, lifting weights on MWF, and doing yoga classes (about 45 minutes) on TT. Isn't it nice how, as a college student, I automatically break my days into MWF and TT? And abbreviate them that way? Wow. Anyway. So right now I'm thinking that running would be a good addition. Like on the days that I lift weights add some running in with my usual walking cardio.

The thing is, ever since grade school, I've felt like I CAN'T run. Like I am physically incapable of running. So then, I think, "Oh yeah, I can run!" Then I go out and push myself too hard and then I hurt and can't breathe, so of course - it seems as though I can't run. So I try not to push myself too hard - but then I feel like I'm not really DOING anything and not getting anywhere. I found some tips online about beginning running and breaking your running into intervals. So I suppose sometime when I am motivated, I will try that.

I really like my yoga class at the center, but unfortunately when classes start, I won't be able to go. And there is no other yoga class in any time slot when I can make it. I am really disappointed. Seriously. Maybe in September they will have a class at a different time that I can make it to. But I don't know what I'm going to do! I'm thinking about just getting some yoga DVDs ... but those don't mix up the poses every day like my class, and I'm going to be on campus (or not at home at least) during the time I have available. So I could watch the DVDs on my laptop, but I don't really know of anywhere on campus I can go to do them. Maybe out at the gym, but I don't know. I could just go home and do them - but then Ryan and I couldn't carpool, and I would probably be less apt to actually do the yoga then. I definitely do not want to stop doing yoga - I just need to figure out a way to keep it up after classes start. Yeah, and whoever says that yoga is easy isn't doing it right.


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