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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm going crazy -

So Ryan and I are planning for a big garage sale that we're having with my family and a friend of ours. It's apparently going to be at our house, although I still think Ernie has a better location. Anyway, we've been setting things aside for about a month that we just don't want or need anymore. It's time to get rid of some crap! This means that I've been in "simplify" mode - I just want to clean stuff out of the house and make more space for us to actually use and live in. We extended the simplify mode to our bills as well, because we are spending WAY too much on stuff. We couldn't very well drop our electricity or water bills, so we decided that we could do without cable. Yes, that's right - we're getting rid of cable. We're also going to get rid of our landline, since our cell phones have more than enough minutes that don't get used anyway.

Then we decided that if we are not going to have cable, there is not much need to have a TV. Ryan can hook the Xbox up to his computer, and we can watch DVDs on our computers. That means that we will have to do without the Playstation and Super Nintendo, but Ryan only plays a couple of times a month or so, and I don't even play that often. We do have the option to get just a small TV to kind of hide away somewhere, but for the time being we're going to go without. So that means that we have even more things to sell at our garage sale.

It just feels so good to be doing this. It feels like our lives are going to be so much simpler once we get rid of stuff. I'm probably fooling myself, but it does seem like there will be fewer complications. I also think that I am ready for change. I guess I feel kind of stagnant - maybe just because I am not taking classes this summer, so I feel very unproductive. It's like I don't know what to do with myself. The things that I can think of to do, I don't feel like doing. Also, it feels like we are just waiting around for everything. Or at least I am. I'm waiting for classes to start, I'm waiting to apply to graduate school, I'm waiting to move and go to graduate school ... and not much is happening to distract me from waiting. So I throw crap in a pile and plan to sell it at a garage sale. Whatever works, I guess.


Anonymous Ryan Augustine said...

Well be happy you don't have to do a lot of stuff. Try 9 credit hours for summer semester. Yea. That is wright. If you think about it 9 summer hours is about the time of 18 hours in spring a fall. At least I won't have that..... Wait. I am taking that many hours. Darn.

9:10 AM  

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