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Thursday, July 27, 2006

sicker than a dog?

So I stayed home sick for the past two days. I'm still a bit off, but I'm at work - wow, I am dedicated! I'm hoping I make it through one more hour ... then I will actually have put in a full day of work this week, and I will really feel like I have accomplished something.

Today I joined the Craftster forum, and everything posted there is inspiring me to create something. The problem is, I always start thinking of creative things I could do, buy/find/cut up all the stuff I would need, and then ... nothing. I don't do anything with it. I have had some materials for scrapbooking stashed at home for months now and haven't done a darn thing with them. I have been working on Kelsy's crocheted blanket for like two years or something now and am only maybe half done. This is sad. I am hoping that since I joined the forum, I will be more motivated to work on things and finish them so that I can then post pictures!! Yay!! We'll see.

Anyway. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our garage sale that we are sharing with a friend and with my mom/sisters. I am excited, because I think we can actually make some money. I still have so many things to price though - including all of the CLOTHES. That is going to be a nightmare. And I have a feeling that tonight when I get home, I will just feel like going to bed instead of going through clothing and pricing it. I have no idea what Ryan is selling at this sale - I've been so preoccupied with just getting rid of crap that I haven't paid any attention. We're going to be having the sale all evening tomorrow and then almost all day on Saturday. Cameryn, my little little sis, is going to sell drinks, and I think she's a bit excited about taking money from people and giving them change. That should go well and hopefully keep her from getting too bored. That's what I say now of course! Stay tuned, and I'll post about the wonderful profits we make!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just reading the Overheard in New York blog, and I came across this. Hilarious!

Mud Brick Hovels, Yurts, and Step Pyramid Temples, Mostly

Saleslady: Where are you from?
Tourist: Kansas City.
Saleslady: There's a city in Kansas? Like with buildings?
Tourist: Yes.
Saleslady: Tall ones?


Overheard by: Evie

via Overheard in New York, Jul 13, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

dreaming in moleskine:

I really really want one of the new Moleskine City Notebooks for Paris. Unfortunately, they haven't been released yet, but they will be out sometime this fall - luckily before our trip! According to the official UK site of Moleskine, they have been released in London; hopefully I don't have to wait much longer. I do not know how much they are going to sell for, but at this point, I'm ready to spend about anything on one. I mean, you could reasonably spend about $20 for a travel guide, $5 for a map, and another $10-15 or so on a Moleskine notebook to document your travels. That comes up to $35-40, so I could see spending that much on a Moleskine City Notebook. Of course, I hope they're a bit cheaper, because I would love to get one of every city they offer. That just gives me the excuse to travel more.

A person could even use these City Notebooks prior to visiting the particular cities. I could keep one each for London, Berlin, and New York right now, jotting down ideas of places to visit in the future when I do make it to those cities. It would also be interesting to keep one of these for the city that you live in, writing down your favorite places to eat, tour, etc. so that you can have a "tourist-weekend," giving yourself the opportunity to visit places in your city that you would not typically get to experience. It would also be handy for when friends and family (or couchsurfers!) come to visit - you wouldn't have to take time to plan things out or wonder where to go, because it would be right there in the notebook.

Anyway, I can't wait. I'm sure I'll use a good chunk of my extra financial aid for buying some of these, but who can resist?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

you say it's your birthday ... it's my birthday too

(Ryan, that's from the Beatles.)

Yes indeedy, it's my 22nd birthday. So far, it's been a great age. Pretty much all we've done here at work is eat. Angelfood cake, strawberries, "puke dip" (which is delicious, by the way - cream cheese + Rotel), poppyseed bread, donuts ... So obviously, I've been busy. Oh, and I've had some stuff to do here at work.

Tonight my family is bringing over a cake, which Cameryn already informed me of on Saturday. Since the surprise was blown, I got to see it - it's a super cool Pirates of the Caribbean cake. Which means I'll be eating more crap tonight. Yes! I love this whole turning 22 thing. Not much else to talk about, really. Just food. That's all that really matters anyway.

It should really be Pig Appreciation Day, because ... I sure do feel like I've been eating like one!

Friday, July 14, 2006

ready for a funny coincidence?

Today I got my Humane Society of the United States newsletter in my email, and I was informed that Cow Appreciation Day is coming up. Yay! Yeah, I'm serious - those poor guys deserve some appreciation. They go through a lot. So I'm all excited, and I see what day it is: July 18.

That's my birthday.

I do feel somewhat honored to share this date with the cows, because I like cows. They're fun. But, speaking as a person with some body issues, it is a little weird. Oh well. I will still be celebrating that day, like I do every day, with a cow-free plate.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

george bush eats eggs, originally uploaded by wacky doodler.

Haha. Found this on FLICKR. Fun.

I'm going crazy -

So Ryan and I are planning for a big garage sale that we're having with my family and a friend of ours. It's apparently going to be at our house, although I still think Ernie has a better location. Anyway, we've been setting things aside for about a month that we just don't want or need anymore. It's time to get rid of some crap! This means that I've been in "simplify" mode - I just want to clean stuff out of the house and make more space for us to actually use and live in. We extended the simplify mode to our bills as well, because we are spending WAY too much on stuff. We couldn't very well drop our electricity or water bills, so we decided that we could do without cable. Yes, that's right - we're getting rid of cable. We're also going to get rid of our landline, since our cell phones have more than enough minutes that don't get used anyway.

Then we decided that if we are not going to have cable, there is not much need to have a TV. Ryan can hook the Xbox up to his computer, and we can watch DVDs on our computers. That means that we will have to do without the Playstation and Super Nintendo, but Ryan only plays a couple of times a month or so, and I don't even play that often. We do have the option to get just a small TV to kind of hide away somewhere, but for the time being we're going to go without. So that means that we have even more things to sell at our garage sale.

It just feels so good to be doing this. It feels like our lives are going to be so much simpler once we get rid of stuff. I'm probably fooling myself, but it does seem like there will be fewer complications. I also think that I am ready for change. I guess I feel kind of stagnant - maybe just because I am not taking classes this summer, so I feel very unproductive. It's like I don't know what to do with myself. The things that I can think of to do, I don't feel like doing. Also, it feels like we are just waiting around for everything. Or at least I am. I'm waiting for classes to start, I'm waiting to apply to graduate school, I'm waiting to move and go to graduate school ... and not much is happening to distract me from waiting. So I throw crap in a pile and plan to sell it at a garage sale. Whatever works, I guess.

Monday, July 10, 2006


I've been thinking more lately about running. My current workout consists of at least 30 minutes of walking (quickly! on inclines! not JUST walking!) on the treadmill every weekday, lifting weights on MWF, and doing yoga classes (about 45 minutes) on TT. Isn't it nice how, as a college student, I automatically break my days into MWF and TT? And abbreviate them that way? Wow. Anyway. So right now I'm thinking that running would be a good addition. Like on the days that I lift weights add some running in with my usual walking cardio.

The thing is, ever since grade school, I've felt like I CAN'T run. Like I am physically incapable of running. So then, I think, "Oh yeah, I can run!" Then I go out and push myself too hard and then I hurt and can't breathe, so of course - it seems as though I can't run. So I try not to push myself too hard - but then I feel like I'm not really DOING anything and not getting anywhere. I found some tips online about beginning running and breaking your running into intervals. So I suppose sometime when I am motivated, I will try that.

I really like my yoga class at the center, but unfortunately when classes start, I won't be able to go. And there is no other yoga class in any time slot when I can make it. I am really disappointed. Seriously. Maybe in September they will have a class at a different time that I can make it to. But I don't know what I'm going to do! I'm thinking about just getting some yoga DVDs ... but those don't mix up the poses every day like my class, and I'm going to be on campus (or not at home at least) during the time I have available. So I could watch the DVDs on my laptop, but I don't really know of anywhere on campus I can go to do them. Maybe out at the gym, but I don't know. I could just go home and do them - but then Ryan and I couldn't carpool, and I would probably be less apt to actually do the yoga then. I definitely do not want to stop doing yoga - I just need to figure out a way to keep it up after classes start. Yeah, and whoever says that yoga is easy isn't doing it right.

Fugitive Urges Cop to Watch TV Program

Holy crap! Stealing pull-tabs. I guess Michael is going to have to watch out when we do Bingo. Maybe we need security guards ... That would be a more fun job than calling.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Not a Bingo weekend, finally. Ryan and I have just spent this weekend around the house, which is actually very nice. We watched a bunch of movies. Friday night we watched I Heart Huckabees, which was pretty good. It was very random at times, one reason that I liked it. The dialogue was great, and Mark Wahlberg's character was hilarious. Saturday we watched A Streetcar Named Desire (classic!) and Twisted, a kind of collection of Twilight-Zone-ish episodes from Australia. Then today we watched Gia, which was pretty good. It really sounds like all we do is watch movies ... but we do other stuff. Really. Like, um, right now Ryan is playing a game on his computer. See? We do lots of stuff!

I've also spent some of today working on the reincarnation (I think it's like the fourth one) of my book list. I've tried just a list on notebook paper, Access, a professional database, and finally - index cards. A single book to a card, which includes title, author, and call numbers if I have them. Yes, it's low-tech, and I can't do as many filters and sort options as I can on the computer, but I like the portability and accessibility of it. Ryan knows what I'm talking about.

So anyway. I've also done a little bit of reading this weekend, mainly because this morning I woke up at 3:00, then finally got out of bed around 4:00, and got back to sleep probably about 4:45. So, while I was awake, I read the first few chapters in The DaVinci Code. I know, I can't believe that I haven't read it yet either. I'm actually still reading Noonday Demon, a book about depression, that I've had from the library for a while. I've just had a hard time really getting into it. It's very interesting, and I want to know the author's story, but really I think it just comes down to the fact that a book about depression is, well ... depressing. I'll keep working on it. Which is what I think I will do right ... now.

Friday, July 07, 2006

five of a kind

five of a kind, originally uploaded by sick sad mike.

This is some awesome Moleskine artwork I found on flickr. Gorgeous.

blog redux

So, I am going to try this again. Every time I read a cool, interesting blog, I get inspired. It would really help if people I knew (and those that I don't know) would actually read this thing and make comments! Then I'm held accountable! I'm obligated! I have things to share!!

Anyway. I'm going to make another go at this and see what happens.