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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Well, I finished my Medical Terminology midterm test, after putting it off all week. It's an online course, and about one-third of the questions on the quizzes and tests are not actually in our textbook, which is all that we have to go on. No lectures, no assignments ... we just have the textbook. It's pretty bad when you are taking a quiz for Chapter 7 and one of the questions says "See Chapter 15." At least with the quizzes, we can retake them as many times as we want and there are no time limits. But the midterm has some of the exact same questions, and we can only take that one once, plus it is timed.

But that's out of the way now at least. Now my current worry is whether or not I will be calling Bingo tonight. We do this as a fundraiser for Psychology Club, and I am one of the few-not so proud-people trained to call the numbers. I am already covering for someone else who is out of town, but I have been sick for over a week and it's not getting better. I'm sure that all the nice Bingo players do not want to hear me hack up a lung onto the microphone every two minutes. Hopefully I can make some arrangements so that someone else can do it. If I have to go, I guess I will go - I won't really have much of a choice. I really just want to stay home and sleep. Tomorrow I will be making a visit to Student Health.

Off to make more phone calls ...


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